Terms & Conditions

We are currently offering continuing education credit for the content on this site free of expectations from our users, including any kind of monetary payment. It would be very helpful if you took the time to email your thoughts, suggestions, and nominations for future topics, but you’re free to use the site whether or not you choose to do any of those things. We also appreciate any donations to our expanding efforts when and where someone is so inclined, but again, this is in no way required.

We write all materials ourselves with help from a team of research assistants (who also have to eat and acquire shelter). We can therefore vouch for the accuracy of information to the limits of our intellectual and academic capabilities. We make no guarantees, however, about the technology supporting its presentation or your eventual implementation of any of these ideas. We hope to facilitate discovery, thought, and applied use of scientific knowledge, but the ultimate form that any of those take is up to you. More specifically, we are not liable for your actions or decisions involving the use of information presented here. Everything is offered as-is, in other words, so take this stuff for what it’s worth (and cultivate a habit of verifying things for yourself before putting anything to applied use).

Once we expand our content and refine the site on the basis of user feedback, we will eventually begin charging for subscriptions. That is, unless donations are massively successful, which would allow us to continue to provide everything for free with limited hassle to anyone (hint hint…). Your registration for an account entitles you to continuous access to materials until such a time that we begin this process of paid subscriptions. You will have no less than 30 days of notice prior to that event, during which time your subscription will allow you to access all course materials without cost. If you do not wish to enroll in a paid subscription you will retain access to your previously completed materials indefinitely, until such a time that you contact us to request your information be removed from our site.

We may bar access to the site anytime we deem it appropriate to do so. We can’t think of many reasons that would happen, but the lawyers said to tell you that just in case we ever have to do it…at this stage of development the only things we can envision that would result in someone being banned are 1) hateful, antagonistic, or blatantly denigrating/disrespectful speech or behavior (ain’t nobody got time for that…beyond being generally terrible that’s completely antithetical to what we’re trying to build); 2) stealing stuff and passing it off as your own; and/or 3) being a robot designed to mess with the site, mine information, or otherwise make our lives miserable. If you’re reading this, though, you’re either not a robot or you have begun to panic because you know you’ve been found out…wait, do robots panic (other than Marvin the Paranoid Android, of course)…? I’m not actually sure, but either way we insist on you not being a robot if you want to register.

As we hopefully continue to develop and grow these terms and conditions will likely be updated from time-to-time. With enough size and scale more lawyers will probably get involved, and words have a way of multiplying when that happens (yet somehow always seem to convey less information). Whether or not we’re able to successfully stem the rising tide of legalese, we will be respectful of your engagement with us as well as your privacy and desire to know when things are changing. We will endeavor to avoid springing anything on our users and will communicate news of any substantial changes to our process or products in advance via email.

Finally, Delta Autumn Training Academy (DATA) retains all rights to all of this site’s content. We strongly encourage you to think, talk about, and test the techniques covered here, but we would also appreciate recognition for the time and resources we have put into developing these things (seriously; it takes a minute and is kinda hard…). Registering for an account and using this service constitutes your agreement to these terms, which should be easy because it doesn’t presently require much on your end beyond: 1) entering your email address; 2) not stealing stuff; and 3) as previously mentioned, not being a robot. Pretty straightforward, all things considered.